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Artisan Soap 3-Pack


BUNDLE AND SAVE! Choose any 3 of Siberian Soap Co.'s handcrafted artisan soaps -- mix and match your favorites!

Siberian Soap Co.'s handmade artisan soaps are:

Chock full of natural ingredients: Coconut oil and olive oil create the foundation of our soaps. Additional plant-based oils, butters, and/or botanicals are specially selected to customize each formulation. All products are scented with only pure plant essential oils, and the soft colors come from herbs, clays, and botanicals.

Mild: Siberian Soap Co.'s artisan soaps are handcrafted using the centuries-old cold process soapmaking technique. Each batch is hand cut and allowed to cure for a minimum of four weeks to ensure a supremely mild and long lasting bar.

Richly moisturizing: Each bar is crafted with a unique blend of natural plant oils and/or butters. This creates a soap bar that is rich in glycerin, which forms naturally in the soapmaking process, leaving skin soft and radiant.

Unique: Soapmaking is a science as well as an art! Each bar reflects the handcrafted nature of the soapmaking process; all soaps are crafted from scratch in individual batches in Ames, Iowa.

Eco-friendly: These soaps are not just good for your skin - they are good for the earth, too. Siberian Soap Co. strives to use minimal, eco-friendly packaging, including 100% kraft recycled boxes and labels, in addition to the soaps being fully loaded with environmentally-friendly natural ingredients.

Bars are individually packaged and each weighs a minimum of 4 oz. Ingredients are listed on each individual product page.

Please indicate your three soap choices here (current offerings include Tea Tree Mint, Patchouli Sage, Lime Verbena, Harvest Moon, Bundle of Joy, Tea Tree + Charcoal, Zen Garden, Winter Solstice, Bergamot Bay, and Unscented).

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