Dapper Dog herbal shampoo bar

Dapper Dog herbal shampoo bar


Dapper (adjective): 
a: neat and trim in appearance 
b: very spruce and stylish

Your dog will be ready for the red carpet after being bathed with Siberian Soap Co.'s Dapper Dog herbal dog shampoo, Featuring natural insect repelling essential oils (cedarwood, clove, and citronella) in addition to real beer, ground oatmeal, and skin-loving rich oils like flaxseed and wheatgerm, this shampoo bar will leave your canine companion as one dapper dog, indeed!  100% recycled packaging, made in the USA.

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, stout ale beer, cocoa butter, flaxseed oil, cedarwood essential oil, wheatgerm oil, ground oatmeal, clove essential oil, citronella essential oil.

Warning: Do NOT use this product on cats as essential oils can be toxic to them.

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