Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your soap unique?

In a nutshell: High quality, handcrafted eco-friendly products, handmade in my kitchen in Ames, IA with an acute attention to detail and artistry.  Quirky branding on the side (yes, the company is named for my beloved Siberian husky).

What are your soaps made of?  Are they all natural?

Siberian Soap Co.'s handcrafted artisan soaps are FULL of:

- Rich, nourishing plant oils, such as coconut oil and olive oil

- High quality pure plant essential oils

- Herbs, clays, and botanicals

- Glycerin, formed naturally in the soapmaking process

- Recycled and biodegradable packaging whenever possible

Our handcrafted soaps NEVER contain:

- Palm Oil

- Synthetic Colorants and Dyes

- Synthetic Fragrances and Perfumes

- Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfates

- Parabens

- Phthalates

- Preservatives

Are your products organic?
No. "Organic" is a strictly regulated term by the United States Department of Agriculture, with standards set and approved by the National Organic Program.  

We do use a number of certified organic ingredients in our soaps when they are readily available and not price prohibitive.

Are your products vegan?

The majority of our products are vegan.  This includes most of our artisan soaps (Eucalyptus Lavender, Tea Tree Mint, Patchouli Sage, Zen Garden, Lime Verbena, Bergamot Bay, Bundle of Joy, and Unscented) - all but Harvest Moon.  Our scrubs are also 100% vegan. 

Your soaps use sodium hydroxide/lye in them.  Isn't that dangerous?

Sodium hydroxide (lye) is a strong caustic and dangerous in its raw ingredient form, but it completely reacts in the saponification (soapmaking) process so there is NO remaining free lye in your final soap.  Chemistry fact: you can't make soap without it.  Lye is needed to react with the oil molecules, and when they join up, that's how soap molecules are formed.  All of our soaps are formulated with an intentional excess amount of oils as a buffer to ensure that 100% of the free lye has reacted and you are left with pure, soapy goodness.

How long do your soaps last?

Our soaps will be long lasting as long as they can drain out well between uses!   Handcrafted soaps tend to get soft and goopy if they sit in standing water, so keep them up off the counter to drain well.  We offer a selection of beautiful and functional ceramic soap dishes to help out with this.  

What's the big deal about palm oil?

There is a lot of discussion and debate happening about the environment impacts of palm oil harvesting and deforestation.  Siberian Soap Co. does NOT use palm oil in any of its products.

Why does this say "Avoid use during pregnancy"?

While many plant essential oils have beneficial therapeutic and soothing properties, women can be particularly sensitive to certain essential oils (especially the spicier EOs) during pregnancy.  Please consult with your physician about the use of particular essential oils during pregnancy.

Why can't I use this soap on cats?

Cats' skin is very different from that of humans and dogs; essential oils can actually be toxic to them.  If you do intend to bathe your cat with soap and water (which sounds like a dangerous proposition to begin with!), our Unscented artisan soap is highly recommended.

What shipping options do you offer?

All orders will ship via United States Postal Service.  Rates are detailed on our Shipping page.

Do you ship internationally?

No. Shipping is currently available only within the USA.

What is your return policy?

Due to the handcrafted and personal nature of these products, returns are not accepted. However, if you have received damaged merchandise, please contact us within two business days of receiving the shipment to arrange for its return and replacement.

Where can I buy Siberian Soap Co. products in person?

Siberian Soap Co. participates in numerous Iowa craft shows and farmers' markets throughout the year, as detailed on our Events page.  For a list of retail locations that carry our goods, click HERE.

I'm interested in carrying the Siberian Soap Co. line of products in my shop.  Do you sell wholesale?

Please visit our Wholesale page for more information.